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Featured Teacher: Pedagogy of Laughter
In spring 2018, I served as featured teacher for the Ohio State University’s center for pedagogical excellence. In this role, I facilitated a roundtable and authored a blog post on the pedagogy of laughter as a tool for successful learning. My colleague Kristen Kolenz and I developed the pedagogy of laughter in a forthcoming article on feminist sex education.

Teaching Award

In spring 2015 I received the Ohio State University’s Graduate Associate Teaching Award (GATA). The GATA is OSU’s highest honor for graduate instructors, awarded to ten out of 3,000 instructors annually. News clip here.

My Students’ Art-ivism

I assign final art and film projects to my students, who have created some fantastic activist art. A full page of samples is available here.

Solo Courses Taught 

I have independently designed and taught the following courses, with classes of 25-35 undergraduates. Please click for syllabi:

In spring 2018, I will introduce an original course: Masculinity, Race, Nation.

Teaching Philosophy
I approach teaching as activism. I strongly believe that feminist education saves and changes lives. I also believe this education can help engender a more just, caring society. In all my courses, I emphasize intersectional feminism that centers race, indigeneity, class, and ability interwoven with gender and sexuality. My full teaching statement is available here.

Student Feedback & Growth
I always strive to reflexively improve my teaching through student feedback. I am very proud of my students’ warm feedback.

For an extended sample of student comments in my official evaluations, please click here. For briefer highlights and an explanation of how I pursue feedback, please click here.

Turning Thought to Action: Sample Activities

I seek to make abstract concepts concrete, and to help students channel new knowledge into social action. The links below detail some of my favorite pedagogical activities for achieving these goals.

  • The Privilege Race – For teaching on privilege, oppression and intersectionality.
  • Community Action* – Students must participate in an organization or event related to class concepts.
  • Activist Art* and Activist Film – Students must collaborate to create an art piece or performance that challenges hegemonic ideologies. Click here for samples.

*Many thanks to my colleague Sonnet Gabbard for introducing me to this activity.