Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

In Process – “Jewy/Screwy Leading Lady: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Critique of Rom-Com Femininity.”  In preparation for special issue of the Journal of Modern Jewish Studies.

In Review – “The Feminist Pedagogy of Laughter in Holistic Sex Education.” Sex Education. Co-authored with Kristen Kolenz.

In Review – “‘Plow Him Like a Queen’: Glamorous Female Masculinity in Broad City.” Genders.

Forthcoming – “Failed Fatherhood and the ‘Trap of Ambivalence’: Assimilation, Homonormativity, and Effeminophobia in The New Normal.” The Journal of Homosexuality. Revising and resubmitting.

Forthcoming – “Teaching for Coalition: Dismantling ‘Jewish-Progressive Conflict’ through Feminist & Queer Pedagogy.” Frontiers. Forthcoming.

2017 – “‘(Un)Covering’ in the Classroom: Managing Stigma Beyond the Closet.” Feminist Teacher  26.1 (2017): 72-82.

2017 – “Relaxing the Straight Male Anus: Reducing Homohysteria Around Male Anal Pleasure.” Sexualities (2017). (co-authored with Susan Ekberg Stiritz & Eric Anderson)

2012 –  “Teaching Men’s Anal Pleasure: Challenging Gender Norms with ‘Prostage’ Education.” American Journal of Sexuality Education 7.4 (2012): 404-428. (co-authored with Susan Ekberg Stiritz)

Book Reviews

2016 – Branfman, Jonathan. Book Review: A View from the Bottom: Asian American Masculinity and Sexual Representation, by Hoang Tan Nguyen. Sexualities  (2016).

2015 – Branfman, Jonathan. Book Review: Race in Translation: Culture Wars Around the Postcolonial Atlantic, by Robert Stam and Ella Shohat. Interventions  (2015).

Activist Publications

2017 – Branfman, J. You Be You: Explaining Gender, Love & Family.

You Be You

This book explains LGBTQIA inclusion for children and for adults new to the topic. Illustrated by Julie Benbassat, You Be You also explains oppression, privilege, intersectionality, and allyship. I created You Be You as an activist extension of my academic work. Culturally thoughtful translations are now available in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Hebrew, and Turkish. More translations into Russian, Hindi, and Polish are forthcoming.


Conference Presentations

2017 – Branfman, J. “‘Where’s the Bathroom?!’ ‘Jewing’ Race, Gender & Sexuality in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Presentation at the American Jewish Studies Conference, Washington, DC. December 18, 2017.

2017 – Branfman, J. “Coalitional Feminist Pedagogy: Linking Racism, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism in the Era of Donald Trump.” Presentation at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Baltimore, MD. November 18, 2017.

2016 – Branfman, J. “Men of Israel: Pornography and the Gay Muscle Jew.” Presentation at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Montréal, Canada. November 11, 2016.

2016 – Branfman, J. “Unmasking Jewtopia: Precarious Whiteness & Jewish Drag.” Presentation at the American Men’s Studies association Conference, Ann Arbor, MI. April 3, 2016.

2015 – Branfman, J. “Cruising Jewtopia: Gender Deviance & Precarious Whiteness.” Presentation at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Milwaulkee, WI. November 14, 2015.

2014 – Branfman, J. “Silly Fairies & Badass Faggots: Insubordinate(?) Anti-Masculinities on TV.” Presentation at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico. November 16, 2014.

2014 – Branfman, J. “Silly Fairies & Badass Faggots: Toward Effeminophilic Television.” Presentation at the Popular Culture Association National Conference, Chicago, IL. April 17, 2014.

2013 – Branfman, J. & Stiritz, S.E. “Teaching Men’s Anal Pleasure: Challenging Gender Norms with ‘Prostage’ Education.” Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Western Regional Conference. Los Angeles, CA. 2013. April 22, 2013.