IMG_1861My Research Interests

Primary Topics: Masculinities, comparative racialization, diaspora, Jewish identity, media representation

Frameworks & Expertise: Feminist masculinity studies, feminist film and media studies, critical race studies, Jewish studies, queer theory, queer of color critique, women of color feminism

Additional Interests: Feminist pedagogy, sexual health education

Dissertation: Masculinity, Race & Jewish Stardom

From “Oriental menace” to “white nerd,”  American stereotypes about Jewish race and masculinity have changed sharply over time. Yet cultural questions linger about where Jews “fit” racially, and these questions link with ongoing stereotypes that accuse Jews of deviant or deficient masculinity. My dissertation examines how present-day Jewish stars reshape these stereotypes and questions to craft appealing public images. By analyzing both Jewish men and women, and Jews of color alongside white-skinned Jews, I extend existing studies of Jewishness, race, and masculinity.

Next Project: Jewish Women of Color in American Visual Culture

This project will extend the intersection of feminist media studies, critical race studies, and Jewish studies by examining Jewish women of color in American visual culture. I will explore how these performers manage the multiple, conflicting assumptions about racialized gender and sexuality projected onto them in a society that rarely acknowledges Jews of color exist.

Past Project: Men’s Receptive Anal Eroticism

My past project investigated how the stigma on men’s receptive anal eroticism serves to naturalize misogyny and binary gender norms.  From this project, I co-authored an article with Dr. Susan Ekberg Stiritz. Together, we then co-authored a second article with Dr. Eric Anderson.