Sex-Ed & Service

Sex-Ed & Rape Prevention: Feminist, Queer-Friendly, Anti-Racist, and Pleasure-Centric

In 2013, my colleague MacRorie Dean and I co-created a feminist, queer-friendly, anti-racist, stigma-free lesson on sexual health, pleasure and consent. Since then, we and a team of six graduate students have co-presented this lesson for over 4,000 students in WGSS classes, OSU dormitories, and student group meetings. From a single presentation, we have grown to 20 presentations per semester, funded by the WGSS department.

Since fall 2015, I coordinate this program. As coordinator, I cultivate partnerships throughout the university, publicize the program, schedule the presentations, and manage the presenters’ schedules. I thank my WGSS colleagues Shannon Winnubst, Guisela LaTorre, Lynaya Elliot, and Elysse Jones, and Tess Pugsley for their administrative and financial support.

Advising: Disability Studies & Sexuality Studies

Alongside my teaching, I serve as the graduate administrative assistant for OSU’s Diversity and Identity Studies Collective (DISCO). In this capacity, I advise undergraduate students pursuing majors or minors in two of DISCO’s participant programs: Disability Studies and Sexuality Studies.

2016 Selection Committee for the Graduate Assistant Teaching Award (GATA)

As a past GATA recipient, I volunteered to serve on the 2016 GATA selection committee. Along with faculty from a wide range of departments, I helped to review 60 applications and to select the ten recipients.

2016 Pedagogical Training for New GTAs
With the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT), I and a team of fellow graduate students trained 650 new GTAs for their teaching responsibilities. The UCAT training covers teaching philosophy, classroom diversity, fair grading, and discussion leading.

Co-presenting on rape prevention and sexual health for a WGSS class with my colleague, MacRorie Dean